My goal is to build your vision with creative Designs that connect and share your passion with others

My name is Ai Quoc Andrew Bui. I am a young optimistic, open-minded, passionate and committed designer that will give 100% into all tasks and challenges to deliver high-quality performance from a strong structured foundation of knowledge, experience, and growth mindset. 

My focus is to passionately explore, learn and experience all aspects of the design industry to challenge; improve my abilities and develop new skills to connect and share my creativity


Focusing on the learning aspect of the experience,
task or challenge and presenting a positive outlook during difficult situations. This is evident by receiving criticism from clients when presenting creative work. I deconstruct their criticism into positive and negative comments, to understand the client and refine my designs.



Maintaining calmness, positive attitude and thinking on the priorities to ensure everyone understands and minimise miscommunication of any critical information. When dealing with complaints from customers I manage my emotions to listen and respond appropriately to resolve the situation in the best possible outcome.


Ability to plan goals, necessary steps and actions to accomplish projects. It is crucial to pay attention to the details of every element. To ensure all details are completed, I create a work plan with a checklist that outlines the individual elements and outcomes to visualise the progress, verify that all steps and critical information.