My focus is to passionately explore, learn and experience all aspects of the design industry to challenge and improve my abilities and develop new skills to connect with people

My name is Ai Quoc Andrew Bui. I am a young optimistic, open-minded, passionate and committed designer that will give 100% into all tasks and challenges to deliver high-quality performance from a strong structured foundation of knowledge, experience, and growth mindset.



Focusing on the learning aspects of experiences,
tasks or challenges and sourcing a positive outlook during difficult situations. When receiving feedback clients, I deconstruct their comments into positive and negative to understand and refine my designs, improving and focusing on achieving the best result.



Maintaining calmness, positive attitude and thinking on the priorities to ensure everyone understands and minimise miscommunication of any critical information. Engaging emotionally to listen appropriately then justifying decisions with rational thinking and guiding principles.


Planing goals, necessary steps and actions to accomplish projects to ensure objectives are crystal clear about the direction and results to be achieved. This outlines the individual elements and outcomes to visualise the progress, verify that all steps and communicate critical information for everyone on the team.